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The Best Spyware Removal Software Tools

When it comes to protecting your computer, sometimes it’s just not enough to have an antivirus program alone…there are a lot of spyware and malware programs that are floating around on the internet that can install themselves and your antivirus software won’t even say a peep about them.  This is frustrating because I — and several others besides myself — feel that this should obviously be a part of the antivirus software that you likely already have.  However, some of these spyware and malware programs masquerade as legitimate software, and sometimes the antivirus companies will not add the definitions because they are grey area software.  I’m talking about toolbars, browser search “hijacks”, and other forms of annoying and sometimes malicious software.

Case in point:  I run Norton 360 (which I do highly recommend), but recently I had to quickly download a program to open .rar files.  This is another form of compression, much like a .zip file.  However, I was in a rush for a deadline so I downloaded a program from one of those free download sites (I forget which one, but it was actually one of the more well known sites which makes this even more annoying.  Just shows you can’t trust anyone these days).  I either installed the program (.RAR Open Knife if anyone is curious) too fast and missed the option to install Conduit, or it just didn’t ask me in the first place.  But lo and behold, the next time I opened my browser, everything was different.  This Conduit search “tool” had overtaken my computer and changed my default home page, my search bar, and who knows what else.  Norton 360 did not even blink an eye.


I did a bit of research and found that it was possible to get rid of this annoying program/hijack manually, but the instructions looked very long and involved, and I just did not have time for that.

So I fired up an antispyware software program that I often recommend – Spyhunter 4.  It found it immediately, and got rid of it in about 5 minutes.  The reason this was great is that I’m sure that it removed all pieces of the software, and it only took me FIVE MINUTES.  I could have spent an hour doing this by hand.


Anyway, the point is that sometimes even the best antivirus software is not going to protect you from spyware / malware / adware / etc.  It definitely pays to have a specific program to remove spyware on your computer.

I definitely recommend Spyhunter as I’ve used it myself and found the results to be very good.  It’s easy to use as well, and probably easier to use than most antivirus programs which I find to be cumbersome sometimes (although Norton 360 is very streamlined).

The best part about Spyhunter 4 is that there are some great, powerful tools included.  It can get rid of rootkits, which can be the most insidious infections a Windows computer can get.  It also comes with free helpdesk support – if the program can’t automatically get rid of a threat it will send the info to Engima Software and their techs will come up with a customized fix for your computer.  I haven’t used this feature yet, but it seems very promising.

If you’re looking for a great spyware removal software tool, Spyhunter gets a big thumbs up from us.


icon_green_arrow_rightIf you want to try the free trial scan, you can download Spyhunter from this link (direct from Enigma Software)

icon_green_arrow_rightOr you can simply go to Enigma Software’s main page


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