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Driver Detective Review

Driver Detective Review Jon Downing

Driver Detective

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Summary: Driver Detective has a very easy to use interface, and is a great timesaving tool. Sometimes it will report driver updates that are not entirely necessary. However for the right situation it's an incredible help.


Having the proper and most up to date drivers for your hardware is one of the most important things in terms of keeping your computer running smoothly, and is the first step in resolving any problems and errors.

Many people are unsure what drivers are – in a nutshell they are small pieces of code (or programs) that enable your hardware devices (such as your printer, camera, mouse, sound card, etc) to work with your Windows operating system.

Every external piece of hardware on your computer has a driver.  Sometimes these drivers need to be updated in order to run properly with newer hardware and software, or even just to fix bugs that might have been in an earlier driver release.

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Why Programs Like Driver Detective Help

Generally driver updates are made available on the hardware manufacturer’s website, however finding them can be a very time consuming project akin to digging for a needle in a haystack.  First you must determine what version of the hardware you have (model, serial number, etc), then you must see if there is an update available.  You then have to actually figure out where on the company website you can download it from.  I know from experience that doing this can be a hassle.  I often run into this issue when trying to download printer drivers – it tends to be a maze of broken links and dead ends before I figure out where to download the driver.

Program Basics

Driver Detective makes quick work of this process and automates everything.  It will automatically scan your PC, figure out what model hardware you have and what drivers are installed.  It will then compare this data with its constantly updated online database of 27+ million drivers (quite a number!) and basically allow you to update everything at once, or one driver at a time depending on how you want to approach everything.

Driver Detective has integrated a new scanning feature that doesn’t just scan your hardware – it also scans for the manufacturer, family, model, and motherboard.  This is helpful when it comes to manufacturer specific drivers for computers such as HP and Dell which may use very specific types of hardware integrations.

Program Interface

The interface of Driver Detective is very easy to jump right into, no matter how much computer experience you have.  It’s colorful and thoughtfully laid out.  The initial scan shows your results with an easy to read pie graph and a table of which drivers are out of date on your computer.

We ran it on our test Lenovo Thinkpad, and much to my surprise, almost 50% of the drivers were out of date!


Updating the drivers is pretty much a breeze.  The software will automatically download the update for you.  The only catch is that sometimes the installation will be prompted by Driver Detective itself, and then other times you must manually go and run the driver update .exe file manually.  If you get confused, the help file is fairly informative.  If you’re still confused, Driver Detective offers email-based help, and there’s also a phone number on their website.

Why Update Your Drivers?

If you’re having any errors or compatibility issues with your computer, updating your drivers is the first step that any tech support person will have you take.  Drivers are often ground-zero for computer problems.  This occurs because of software and hardware incompatibility, especially with updates.

Another great reason to update all of your drivers is that you could improve the performance of your computer by quite a bit.  Updated drivers have improved code that often runs much faster, as well as new features to take advantage of.  For example, updating the driver for your multi-buttoned mouse will allow you to assign functions to those buttons, whereas if you just let the plain vanilla driver install itself when you plug and play Windows may never recognize those extra buttons.

Who Should Use Driver Detective

Who should use Driver Detective?  If you’re having any of these issues:


  • You’re having problems with your computer’s hardware and encountering bugs
  • A piece of hardware has suddenly stopped working
  • You’re getting error messages after installing new software or new hardware
  • You plugged in or installed a new hardware device and it’s not working


Who doesn’t need Driver Detective?


  • Everything on your PC is working just fine?  Might as well leave it!

In our case, a quick reading of the driver file info shows that many of the driver updates for our test computer merely gave support for Windows 8.  In this case it’s not necessary to install the new drivers.

However, if were were to want to use a specific Wireless N Router, we would have to update the wireless card driver.

Basically, Driver Detective will show you EVERY update available, and sometimes it’s not always necessary to update.  A quick reading of the driver info (readme) is sometimes all that is necessary to determine if the driver is really necessary.  Simply click that, and view the readme and scroll down to the updates section.  I actually recommend that users always take a quick look at the Read Me before installing the new driver.




Overall Driver Detective is a clean and easy to use software tool that makes updating the drivers on your Windows computer a breeze.  It’s a total time saving tool that could potentially save you hours as well as frustration.  It’s especially useful if you’re re-installing Windows fresh (which sometimes happens when your  computer gets a virus or just gets cluttered) and you need to install a LOT of drivers.

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  1. juanna
    June 25, 2014 at 6:37 pm - Reply

    I bought DriverDetective – paid $ 49.88: two years license.
    I got the receipt but not an e-mail with account password and a key.
    When I try to “Requesting Registration Key” with my registered email address, I’ll get the message That it does not exist.
    I have written four letters to support – (the solution is simple!) I just want a key to unlock DriverDetective – but no answers!
    Their support is lousy!

    • Jon Downing
      June 30, 2014 at 2:14 am - Reply

      Hi Juanna, sorry you’re having problems. That’s strange. You should be able to contact them and either get the password or get a refund.

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