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How Much Is Spyhunter 4?

One of the most common questions I get here at the website is from people who want to buy Spyhunter 4 (our top recommended antispyware software) but who have no idea how much it costs.  I haven’t checked recently if the price is advertised on the website or not, but the base cost is $39 for a six month license.

Most people looking to buy the software have already run the free trial version and the software has found malware or adware on their computer.  Naturally they want to get rid of this, but the software unfortunately isn’t free.  Most quality software is going to cost money – a lot of people look for free solutions but the fact is that these companies need to pay their techs for the field work they do adding new malware to the software’s library of definitions.  Hackers are fast – too fast.  There’s constantly new malware and spyware coming out all the time.  In order to stay on top of that you need a team that works around the clock.  That’s what Enigma Software does, and they’ve put together a great software tool.

If you need to purchase the software, click here:


Why Spyhunter 4?

spyhunterreview2I really think this software is one of the better spyware removal programs out there on the market, and I’ve had a lot of people write in and tell me how great it has worked for them.  A lot of times it’s from people who have had their computers or browsers hijacked by an adware-type program and they were unable to use their computer normally.

One of the best things about the program is the free helpdesk support if you run into a spyware program that the program somehow cannot remove.  The techs will help you create a custom fix if nothing else works.

Another great advantage is the advanced rootkit detection system in the software.  Rootkits are some of the most malicious type of malware, and they can be almost impossible to remove.  Spyhunter 4 has a remote operating system that it can boot into in the event that your computer has a rootkit infection and Windows can’t run normally.

Some Testimonials

Here are a couple letters from happy customers:

I typically shy away from reviews as they can be tainted or exaggerated. My laptop was running weird and I had used a few different freeware programs to try to improve the performance but none really made a difference. I searched more programs and came across this Spyhunter 4 program and did a free scan. The scan found over 400 issues and as soon as I clicked the repair all issues button, I was redirected to the Buy Program page. Ah, so here we go. Another rip-off I thought. I decided to log out and was offered a bit better a deal on the program and I thought to myself….. well if I’m going to get ripped-off at least it won’t be too bad. I ran the cleaner and WOW my system has been just like brand new ever since. So I recommend this to everyone now no matter what the cost and I can’t be happier!!



I recently had a browser hijacker (aartemis)invade my laptop and nothing not even Avira could detect or remove it and this was on the morning of a mission critical day, nothing could get this bug and in my search I came across Spyhunter4 and gave it a try and not only did it detect and remove the hijaker it found about 63 other bad things that Avira and Malware bytes didn’t stop or catch.

This product is worth every penny and so is the registry scanning product they offer.

Not to say that the other products are bad but I am sure glad I found this one. Run it on your system and you will be amazed what spyware it finds.


Sounds like two pretty generic names, right?  Anyway, they were actual letters written in after these two folks used Spyhunter 4 on their computer.  A few people have complained, but most of them are angry about having to pay for the software.  So again I must re-iterate, yes you do have to pay for it, and it’s for a six month license.  You don’t have to renew the software if you don’t want to, and there’s a money back satisfaction guarantee.

I encourage you to try out the software if you’re having problems with your computer.


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