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Is Spyhunter 4 Safe To Use? Our Personal Experience

spyhunterreview2One of the most searched for phrases I see in my traffic stats is whether or not the Spyhunter 4 software is safe to use.  I think a lot of people are wary as there are quite a few “scareware” or “ransomware” software programs out there that will attempt to trick you into thinking you have a virus and you have to pay to remove it.  And this is a legitimate worry.

However, I can say with assurance that Spyhunter 4 is a very safe and legitimate program that is backed by full customer service and a money back satisfaction guarantee.  Let’s review some of the different aspects of Spyhunter 4 so you can see if it’s right for you:

A Look At Spyhunter 4

Published by Enigma software, Spyhunter 4 is an advanced spyware and malware detection and removal software tool that has the capability to remove even the toughest rootkit infections.  We really thought this program was a good one as it has a very easy to understand interface and is a breeze to use.

It’s not free, but that comes with the territory when you want a legitimate software tool rather than a flimsy “free” piece of software that has no guarantee or any way of knowing if it’s regularly updated or not.  Enigma software is dedicated to constantly updating their software with new definitions as new malware and spyware programs are found.  They have a team of techs that can help you out in the event that the program can’t resolve a problem on your PC.  They can give you personalized support and create a customized solution to get rid of the issue.

The thing about software is that you pretty much get what you pay for.  Free software does not have a great reputation.  There are a few exceptions, but for the most part free software doesn’t give you the features you’ll want and won’t generally be updated with the consistency that you need – especially when it comes to spyware and virus software.  This is why when it comes to the security of your computer and your data you want to buy something quality.  Skimp here and you could be crying later.

User Feedback

I’ve had several different people write in (unsolicited) about how Spyhunter 4 has helped them get their computer back after a malware program had hijacked either their browser or the operating system.  Most of the time it’s annoying adware that seizes your browser and redirects your searches.  However, it’s also important to protect yourself in the event that you get a more malicious malware program that could steal your information.

“Not exactly a computer buff but have to use one in conjunction with my business. I’ve had my laptop for about 2 years and for the last 18 months it’s been very sluggish. Tried everything from defrag and virus scans but made no difference then ended up with INCREDIBAR on my browser. Came across spyhunter 4, it cleared the problem and everything else my computer runs like new, couldn’t recommend it enough makes life a lot easier. My computer won’t be getting thrown out the window!!”


“I started using Spyhunter 4 a few months back because of some very strange things my computer was doing and I’m so glad I found it, because it found and removed MUCH more than I expected was on my computer.

The price is a little salty, but well worth it in my opinion. It’s a good compliment to Defender on Windows 8, so the combination is working very well for me.”






My Own Experience

I’ve used Spyhunter 4 both for testing and for getting spyware off of my own personal computer.  I got hit with an adware infection that took over my browser and changed a bunch of settings on my computer.  It was incredibly annoying and I didn’t know where it had installed itself.  I fired up Spyhunter (which I had because I had recently been reviewing it) and it found the infection immediately.  In just 5 minutes I was done.  It was gone from my computer and I didn’t have to waste any more time worrying about it.  I did briefly look into manually removing it, but it looked like a time consuming process that even for an experienced computer user like me was a bit daunting.

Features Of Spyhunter 4

Spyhunter 4 has a plethora of great features that make it a quality software program.  It has a clean and easy to use interface – anyone with even moderate computer experience should find it relatively straightforward and easy to use.  The definitions are continually updated by Enigma’s team and they offer a Help Desk feature where if the program can’t automatically fix the problem, they will come in and create a custom fix for your computer (this is where paying for software comes into play).

Additionally Spyhunter has a great stand alone bootable OS that it can boot into in the event that you have a difficult to remove rootkit.  Rootkits mimic critical Windows files and cannot be removed while Windows is running.  Spyhunter will boot into this OS and remove the files without needing Windows to be running.

Our Conclusions – So, Is Spyhunter Safe?

Overall we believe that Spyhunter 4 is an excellent tool to use if you have any sort of spyware or malware on your PC.  It’s also a great way to prevent a problem in the first place.  We have also written an extensive Spyhunter 4 review that you can check out for even more details about how Spyhunter works and all its features.

Check out Enigma’s website to learn more about the software


Click here to download the program right from Enigma’s site

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  1. riyad
    August 18, 2014 at 10:15 pm - Reply

    you said that it cost and i got it for free so could that be a fake?

    • Jon Downing
      November 9, 2014 at 9:46 pm - Reply

      Yes, I’m not sure how you did that but a legitimate copy of Spyhunter 4 does cost money.

  2. Brett
    November 30, 2014 at 9:29 pm - Reply

    I have it free also but there is a “Register Now!” at top right and at left. Seems like it offers a free tial version. It was recommended (and linked) from a site that was giving advice on how to remove “BrowseStudio”.

    • Jon Downing
      January 1, 2015 at 12:36 am - Reply

      Hi Brett – yes the download of Spyhunter is free. You can then see if it detects any malware that you’re trying to remove before you buy it. Unfortunately Spyhunter is not free.

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