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MyPCBackup Review

MyPCBackup Review Jon Downing


Ease Of Use
Mobile App

Summary: An excellent backup tool for people who want to back up small to medium amounts of data. Easy to use sync folder and mobile apps enhance the experience. Quick upload speeds in my test usage. Easy to use but sometimes clunky desktop software.



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MyPCBackup is a very popular online cloud backup storage solution for home and business.  Backing up your data is one of the most important things that you can do to protect it, as hard drives can break and laptops can be stolen.  However, many people are not sure where to start or what service to use.

Although MyPCBackup has been ridiculed on some websites for their overly “salesy” approach, I think it’s a pretty good service for certain types of backups.  Let’s take a look at their product and see how it stacks up.



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mypcbackup1Software – MyPCBackup is run from your desktop via a small software program that is the control point for your computer’s backup plan.  From this program’s interface you control the different settings such as what is being backed up, when it’s backed up, restoring files, the file types you want to back up, whether or not to backup on battery power, etc.

Signing up and logging in is very easy – and not surprisingly as they want to get people to sign up for their service.  The software is very easy to understand and use, and people will be able to jump right in and start using it without having to read any complicated instructions.

The free trial is a great way to get a feel for the program and how it runs on your computer, so I definitely encourage you to try it out.

syncfolderSync Folder – One of the very useful things that MyPCBackup has that not every cloud backup system has is a sync folder.  This enables me to drag and drop files onto a folder that sits on my desktop and then access them on any other computer or mobile device (such as my iPhone or iPad).  I was working on a document the other day and while I was working on it I was able to just drop it into the sync folder and review it on my phone to brainstorm things to add.  The sync folder is very useful, however it’s not unlimited in size.  You can upgrade the included 1 GB sync folder to 5, 10, or 20GB for an additional price.

The folder syncs up very quickly when I tested it.  It will obviously depend on how big the file is that you’re syncing, of course.

Another excellent feature of the Sync Folder is that you can log on to your control panel (at my.mypcbackup.com) and add a file to the Sync Folder directly from their website.  This is quite helpful if you’re on a friend or colleague’s computer and you want to sync a file.

Mobile App – I really like the mobile app that MyPCBackup has.  I can easily view files that I have stored from my PC on my iPhone or iPad.  The app is extremely fast and responsive, and it plays well with other apps as well – the integration works fairly well depending on the app you want to open a file with.  Apps are available for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Blackberry.

Storage Space – MyPCBackup has different tiers of storage space.  I highly recommend the Unlimited option, unless you absolutely know you don’t have that much to store.  I find that data size creeps up on people, and the Unlimited option is not that much more expensive.

Storage / Security

MyPCBackup uses Amazon S3 servers which are extremely safe and reliable.  There is really not much to worry about here.  This is a good selling point for me.  With BackBlaze, which is another favorite of mine, the data is stored in their 1 geographic location, which seems slightly dicey to me.  Encryption with MyPCBackup is also there, with 256 bit secured socket layer encryption.  Your files are pretty damn safe if you ask me.

Business Plans

For businesses that need more features, MyPCBackup has a business plan that offers a lot more.  They offer unlimited user accounts and devices, team collaboration features, an admin control panel, email backup, unlimited storage, and more.  This makes it easy to administer accounts for employees and give them different permissions.

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What’s Not So Great

It’s not all a bed of roses with MyPCBackup of course.  Like any backup solution, it does have its share of problems.  I found their sales popups and emails to be rather annoying, but I guess they’re trying to get customers.  I’ve seen the same thing from tons of other software companies, so it’s not new.

The fact that you have to add additional features that other services automatically include is also a bit of an annoyance, but MyPCBackup’s starting price point is the cheapest so these addons bring it back up to the average price range.

The maximum file size that you can upload is set at 1 GB.  You have to add on a feature to make it 5 GB.  So, if you’re planning on storing very large files keep this in mind.  However, I don’t really recommend storing such large files on cloud backup anyway.  For those large files (usually movies I may have downloaded) I use external drives as I just don’t think it’s worth it to upload such large amounts of data/big files.


Pros:  Easy to use, fast upload, customizable, great mobile app, Sync folder, very reliable/secure server storage

Cons: Way too many “upsells”, too heavy handed trying to get you to buy stuff

Overall I really do like MyPCBackup.  It’s cheap, and does what I need it to do for my backup needs.  I like the flexibility I have with this software as it’s easy to customize what I back up and when.  So for people who need a secure and safe place to store important documents and files, this is an excellent solution.  I don’t recommend this for people who want to store lots of very, very large files or image files of their OS unless the image file itself is small enough that uploading it often won’t be a problem.  I go into detail about this more in the backup information section.  For reasonable amounts of data, MyPCBackup is a great option.

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