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Paretologic PC Health Advisor Review

Paretologic PC Health Advisor Review Jon Downing

Paretologic PC Health Advisor

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Summary: A great option for people who need an easy to use tool to tune up their computer and get it running faster again. With multiple features, this is a great software program to have in your arsenal if you're not happy with your computer's performance.


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When it comes to slow and sluggish computer performance, it can be a tricky thing to figure out what is causing your computer to bog down.  The average computer user is tempted to just buy a new computer and start over from scratch.  But you don’t have to do that, and you don’t have to suffer with your current computer either; thankfully there are tools that can help you to improve your PC’s performance considerably.

The tools I’m talking about are programs that are designed to help you tune up and clean your PC quickly and easily, and without spending a lot of money.  PC Health Advisor from ParetoLogic Software is one of those all-in-one computer tools.

Combining an easy to understand interface and a plethora of different features, PC Health Advisor could be just what you need to improve your computer and get it running like new again.  Does it work though, and is it safe for your computer?  Let’s take a closer look.


Download And Installation

pchahomeDownloading and installing the software is a breeze.  Once you’ve installed the program you can select a few options on how the program will run, including whether or not to auto-update and run scheduled scans.

The Scan

Once you start the software it will run an initial scan to give you a good overview of your computer’s health.  It will scan the registry, find any active malware and strange software running, and more.

Other Features

There are some other features included with PCHA that can help you improve the performance of your computer even more.  Defragmenting the hard drive is a great idea for everyone.  Your computer stores files on your hard drive like a squirrel – it finds any place it can and will store files in multiple spots.  In order to open the file, the computer must go around and reconstruct all those pieces.  If you defrag your hard drive you essentially put everything together so your PC doesn’t have to spend lots of time putting your files back together.

pchastartupmanagerAnother great feature is the driver update utility.  Many people don’t even realize that drivers are essential components of their computers, and a driver update could be just the thing that fixes a certain error or slow performance issue.  If you’re having problems with your mouse, for example, updating the driver could solve the issue.

The startup process manager is a great tool that can help you to easily see what programs load on startup.  Personally when I ran PCHA I found a couple programs that I definitely didn’t need to load when I booted up my PC.  A quick look through this could save your computer from a very slow bootup.

My Thoughts

Overall, PCHA is a great tool for people who are having problems with their computer running slowly, taking forever to boot up, and otherwise giving them problems.  If your computer is running a-ok, then you probably don’t need this software.

Although the interface is very easy to jump right into (which makes this a great choice for people who may not be all that nerdy), it might put off some more experienced computer users with its simplicity and lack of deeper options.  Average computer users will get just what they need here, however, so overall it’s targeted at the every day user, not the power nerd.

There’s no lack of features included with this software, and if you run through the cleaning and defrag processes you’ll definitely get a performance boost.  You’ll also be able to get rid of any malware that might be lurking around.  Note: even if you have antivirus software, that doesn’t always protect you from malware.  Case in point I was infected by the Conduit search hijack even though I have full protection from Norton 360.

Although not free, this software could be a godsend to people whose computers are running poorly and who don’t have the time or the resources to start learning to clean them out manually.

If you’re interested in PC Health Advisor, here are some links:

Click Here To Download PC Health Advisor (download links directly from Paretologic’s website)

Click Here To Visit The Main Website

Already have the software?  Click Here To Register

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