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Reimage PC Repair Review

Reimage PC Repair Review Jon Downing

Reimage PC Repair


Summary: This unique and patented repair software allows users to repair Windows installations on the fly by replacing corrupted or missing system files with fresh ones from their online database of over 25 million files. An amazingly helpful program that can save people from catastrophic Windows issues.



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When it comes to solving problems with the Windows operating system it can get very frustrating in a surprisingly short amount of time.  Whether Windows has been attacked by a virus or malware, or if the system has become corrupt for some unexplained reason, repairing the operating system used to be achieved only through the complete re-installation of Windows itself.  Thanks to Reimage PC Repair, however, that doesn’t have to be the case any longer.  Using this software it’s surprisingly easy and possible to fix a crippled Windows computer without having to go through the difficult and sometimes impossible task of completely starting from scratch with a new installation.

You may be asking yourself if this is too good to be true.  However, our experience has shown that Reimage is both effective and easy to use.

How It Works

Reimage PC Repair is a one of a kind patented software program that actually goes into the operating system and analyzes all the system files in order to see where the problem lies.  Whether it’s a corrupt system file or deleted areas of the operating system, the program will seek out these trouble spots and then repair them from the inside out.  It does so by fetching clean versions of the affected operating system files from it’s constantly updated database and replacing them on the fly.

The Reimage database consists of over 25,000,000 system files such as registry keys, DLLs, and other critical system files.  Any damaged files that Reimage finds in your Windows installation will be replaced by the software.  It’s a pretty neat concept, and it’s surprising that there aren’t more programs out there like it.

When you first run Reimage it will do a system scan to see what areas of the computer are problematic: it will give you an update on system speed, any memory issues, and whether or not a virus or malware infection is a culprit.  It will also give you information on what software programs may be giving you stability issues.


Once you review these reports you can decide whether or not to run Reimage in order to complete the fixes.  It’s pretty straightforward and simple to use, and most people should be able to run the software no problem.  In fact, it’s probably infinitely easier (and cheaper) than unhooking your computer and bringing it into a tech repair place.

Overall the interface is quite clean and easy to read – most peoples should have no problem understanding the menu system and options, although it does seem to look a bit dated and could use a facelift.

Our Experience

Before writing this review I actually personally used Reimage myself to fix a busted desktop computer that had succumbed to a nasty worm infection.  The computer would start up, but after about 5 minutes it would come to a screeching halt and become useless.  It happened at the worst possible time as I had to finish a work project before leaving for a vacation.  Wiping my computer and installing a fresh version of Windows wasn’t an option as I hadn’t backed up my files (another mistake).  I used Reimage as a last ditch effort to fix the problems before I would have to take the next potential step of bringing it into a repair facility.  Although I’m very experienced with computers I don’t have the required expertise to really do a complex repair of the system itself.

The software picked up on the virus immediately, and although the process of fixing the computer took several hours, once I booted it back up the problem was GONE.  I couldn’t have been happier with the results.  The only problems I encountered were that the system seemed to have a few minor hangups when browsing the web, especially with Adobe Flash, but it was relatively minor.  Windows also wanted to do lots of those “Windows Updates” whenever I would turn the PC off.  However those were issues I could live with — thanks to Reimage I was able to finish my work project before the vacation and disaster was averted.  I used that installation of Windows for another couple years before I finally did a fresh installation of Windows later on just to clear out the junk.  But that’s a testament to how great of a job Reimage did.  I was extremely happy with the results.

A Few Notes On What It Will And Won’t Fix

I just want to warn people that Reimage will not fix hardware issues – if your sound card or keyboard is broken, for example, Reimage won’t help you fix that.  Also, Reimage generally won’t fix issues with third party software, such as Adobe or Firefox.  However if the problems you’re having with those programs stem from Windows related issues, then Reimage might be able to help.

The BEST use for Reimage, I find, is to rehabilitate a computer that has been crippled by a virus or some sort of corruption issue.  You can always head to the official website to see if the program will help you out.


If you’re having difficulties with a Windows computer and you can’t or don’t want to re-install Windows, then Reimage might just be a lifesaver for you.  I have personally used it with amazing results, and I highly recommend it to people who are having similar issues.

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