• Monday , 19 August 2019

Remove The Conduit Search Toolbar And Browser Hijack

One of the most annoying things that can happen to a computer user is the hijacking of their internet browser.  I recently had this happen to me by the annoying “Conduit Search Toolbar”.  I’m not exactly sure where it came from, but it took over my browser after I had downloaded a software program to help me open .rar compressed files called “RAR File Open Knife”.   I had downloaded that program this as  a “free software tool” and I know these programs are notorious for bringing spyware and adware with them when you install them.  It was a little sketchy as I didn’t know where the software was coming from or who made it, but I was in a rush and needed a program, so I didn’t do my due diligence in terms of monitoring the installation screens for any signs of add ons.

Anyway…I was not happy about this Conduit thing as it changed my home page in Firefox, changed my default search for the search toolbar, and who knows what else.  I couldn’t be sure just what the program was doing behind the scenes, and I didn’t want to do any sort of online transactions until this stuff was off my computer.


Conduit taking over my browser

However, it can be a real pain in the neck to figure out how to dislodge these adware programs.  They seem to embed themselves in dozens of spots on your computer.  A quick Google search revealed a few different manual methods that looked about as easy as extracting termites one by one from your walls.

All in all I ended up using Spyhunter 4 ( download | main website ), which found the Conduit search program immediately:


Spyhunter 4 found it right away

I ran the program and within a few minutes it completed the removal (including the removal of a bunch of other adware cookies – probably not a threat but I was glad to be rid of them anyway).  I opened up Firefox and much to my delight it was free and clear of any traces of the Conduit search annoyance.

I definitely recommend Spyhunter if you’re having a problem with this specific adware/malware program, or if you have another one.  It works very well, and makes your life a lot easier (not to mention safer!).

I always recommend that people secure their computers as best as they can in order to avoid any sort of tracking that could potentially compromise their personal identification information or credit card numbers.  Heck, I don’t even want people to know what I’m searching for or what websites I’m visiting.  Spyhunter will keep your computer clear of all that junk that could potentially be spying on you.


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